together as ourselves

Project for VANS, Pride 2021

  • location: Vans store at Mariahilferstraße, Vienna: 
  • medium: acrylic paint on glass 

I almost exclusively started drawing dots in 2013, when i first got inspired by „murmurations“, the patterns big flocks of starlings form in flight. I was intrigued by the organic, yet highly organized quality of their movements. Today my work remains connected to these murmurations, though I have tried to move past any figurative content. I think of my drawings as swarms with their own mind and their own idea of where they want to go. While each dot stands on it‘s own they all share a collective consciousness which takes form in the completed surface. Each drawing follows its own set of rules, though the are interrelated and could all just be snapshots of the same entity at different places and moments - between clouds and concrete.

When I got invited to participate in „together as ourselves“ I was thrilled, not only to bring my work to the the largest medium I have ever tried my hands on, but also to do it as part of a project that celebrates a message of unity and inclusion of LGBTIQA+ people as myself.

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